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Cold forging

What is the Cold Forging?


The history of the forging

The copper utensil was made in Egypt and Mesopotamia in 4000 B.C. It is the first term on the age of Japan of Jormon.
The history of the forging is very old that the blacksmith made the sword and farm machines.
In 1935, it was possible to make for cold forging processing by phosphoric acid zinc film works (bonding works) which is developed at Germany
In 1960fs, cold forging technology imported from Germany and USACold forging promoted by development of gMy Pressh and gScrew Manufacturerh with increasing automobile production on 1960fs.
Cold Forging of Kamiita Sosei,Co.,Ltd bought My Press 160ton from Komatsu on 1964.
1972 Chikuma Seimitsu Kogyo introduced for cold forging machine.
Wilson Company developed Forged Cavity Back Iron and it struck impact to the industry on 1976.
In 1977, Nippu Industrial MFG Co.,Ltd developed gRotary Drum Systemh for lubrication processor machine of cold forging.
The patent is acquired on September 1988.
1986 Chikuma Seimitsu Kogyo introduced for bonding treatment machine
and cold forging production worked completely.

What is the cold forging?

It is done as the cold forging compression and the construction of metallic materials such as nonferrous metals, stainless steels, the alloy steel, and the carbon steel by using the metal mold at the normal temperature. This is the cold forging.
On the other hand, the hot forging is built with the high temperature of 1000`1250.
The warm forging is built with the medium temperature of 300`850.

Using materials for cold forging

In 1960fs, using low carbon steel on cold forging for protection of crack.
Today, using high carbon steel and alloy steel on cold forging which is high strengthen and possible strengthening by processing for quenching temperature.

Change of temperature in cold forging.

In cold forging works, forged parts and die mold rises temperature when adding plastic deformation to materials with the energy of the transformation changes into heat.

Type of work for cold forging

The cold forging encompasses a lot of processes such as bending, cold drawing, the heading, extrusion out, punches and thread rolling.
The cold forging makes parts of various shaped further. These parts encompasses such as various axis component, the cup type of geometrical, hollow parts with stems and shafts, reversing of a lot of kinds and curved arrangement as well as combinations.

Forging and Energy

In forging, it changes more greatly as energy is added to material, and sticks to a metallic mold.
On the other hand, machine and metallic mold is bent receiving from anti-power of materials and heat and also sometime damage for machine and metallic mold.

A concrete feature of the cold forging

A concrete feature of the cold forging manufactures a complete size with the press with the metal mold with high accuracy and parts are manufactured without cutting.

Cost reduction by cold forging

A cold forging processing contributes saving the materials for cost reduction with lost a useless part in cutting lessmaterials.
And also, a cold forging processing contributes to the saving resource and the environment-friendlyfactory-making.

It is possible to aiming for total cost down if a cold forging processing and second processing are added.And also, it is possible to make for parts of compound function.

Cold forging for excellent person

Cold Forging Worker Mr. Hiromi Kataoka
It succeeded the development of original processing technology gMicro forgingh (super precision plasticityprocessing technology)with a superior cold forging skill in advance of the world.
It was elected to a modern skillful craftsman in Japan on 2005 .

High target for cold forging

It is high accuracy helical gear.
It is not only high products accuracy but also improvement accuracy for annealing works, after works. It is requested material with a little transformation on annealing works,and estimation technology for warp of annealing works.

World top level for Japanese cold forging

Technology of Japanese cold forging is said top level of the world. As on of reason, that is steel materials for cold forging. Carbon steel(S45C), Chromium molybdenum steel(SCM),Chromium steel(SCr) etc.
That is supported by Sumitomo Metal Kokura,Ltd. Daido Steel Co.,Ltd. Aichi Steel Corporation Sanyo Special Steel Co.,Ltd which is international special steel companies.

Cold Forging and Die Technology

Metallic molds are many types such as press, plastic, die cast, cold forging.
Good cold forging which is parts completeness and durability is supported by technology for making good metallic mold.
Cold forging manufacturer is making effort for education of metallic mold
engineer originally.
Export of Chinese automobile parts are expanding rapidly, it was over 6000 million US$.

The future of cold forging

Expansion of Japanese automobile parts industry is going down for Japanese
market. But export business is expanding greatly for overseas market.
It could understand by production number of automobile manufacturer in the world. Japanese cold forging manufacturer is necessary to value overseas market. Japanese cold forging manufacturer will compete with Chinese cold forging manufacturer in the near future.
In 2004, World Motor Vehicle Production was expanded 5.6% and total over 63 million as previous year ratio.
2004 was expanded about 10 million from 1998 production 53 million. Especially,BRICs which is Brazil, Russia, India, China was expanded 17%.

Manufacturer of cold forging

Manufacturer of cold forging machine with long history are listing Komatsu Industries Corporation (1921), Aida Engineering, Ltd. (1917).

A kind of cold forging machine

There are two type of cold forging machine. One is vertical press, another one is horizontal press.
Many type of cold forging is vertical press, and horizontal press is using for high speed mass production.

Capacity of cold forging machine

For example of cold forging machine capacity of Komatsu Industries is showing as below, There are 160ton, 250ton, 400ton, 630ton, 800ton, 1000ton as fine forging system. And also, 250ton, 630ton, 800ton, 1250ton, 2000ton as transfer net shape.

Institute for metal forming technology

The research of cold forging by the Stuttgart University is known and Germany is said one of cold forging birthplace.In University, they are pursuing such as researching, teaching, offering to industry etc. Research of cold forging technology is in charge of Dr.-Ing Alexander Felde. Stuttgart is Mecca of automobile industry such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes Benz.

Cold forging as work of art

A cold forging goods are used for the face of a super-high-level golf club
head (titanium).
A cold forging goods are used for the double butted spoke of bicycle which is using a professional racer rides (made of aluminum, Easton).
A cold forging goods are used for the master gear of reel in fishing tackle (the extra super-duralumin ,Shimano).
The usage of the cold forging will be expanding for high price products like work of art.

The prosperity of automobile industry

1886 Mercedes Benz founded(Invention) by Mr.Carl Benz and Mr.Gottlieb
Daimler, this year is 120 Years Anniversary.
1903 Ford Motor founded by Mr.Henry Ford.
1937 TOYOTA Motor founded by Mr.Kiichiro Toyota.
Cold Forging industry have been progressing with the prosperity of automobile industry.@
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