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The materials we use include carbon steel, chromium molybdenum steel, ferrite stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
Cold Forging Products


Challenging high quality at a low cost, starting in 1972.

Equipped with cold forging presses with a capacity of 220 to 630 tons, we have expanded the range of our forging processes from the conventional carbon steel and alloy steel to the nonferrous field, including copper and stainless steel. To realize integrated production, we employ various types of ancillary equipment such as cutting machines, non-oxidizing annealing furnaces, zinc phosphate coating devices, and barrel grinders. We have earned customer satisfaction by establishing a comprehensive system to carry out all the tasks in-house: from process design, simulation, die design/manufacture, to product inspection.
Precision Works Products


Precision Work Products. Holding the trust of our customers ever since our company was founded in 1956.

Equipped with multiple NC auto lathes and NC lathes for machining precision parts, we respond to the precision and quality requirements of micron orders. To ensure customer satisfaction in terms of the quality and cost of the products required by the customers, we continuously polish our skills, develop trial parts, and improve our manufacturing processes.

Making products based on accumulated skills and continuous improvement

Due to the high technology and reliability for which Chikuma products are renowned, they are used as functional parts in automotive applications, such as in engines, suspensions, transmissions, and brakes.
Dies and Trial Parts
Work examples of dies (dies, punches, knock out pins, etc.) and trial parts used in-house

Cold Forging Work Example 1
Forging examples of lifter valves used in engines
Cold Forging Work Example 2
Forging examples of holes, contours, gears, and plates
Cold Forging Work Example 3
Cold forging examples of nonferrous metals (stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, etc.)

Precision NC Auto Lathe Work Example 1
Work examples of multiple NC auto lathes (able to work with ferrous and nonferrous (aluminum, stainless steel, or brass) materials
Precision NC Auto Lathe Work Example 2
Work examples of parts associated with hydraulic spools and shafts
Cutting Example of Cold Forged Parts
Examples of post-forging work performed primarily on NC lathes

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